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Accounting & Analytics sys

Financial technologies

  • Summary

    This is a startup in the financial technologies field. The product provides companies with an easy and user-friendly solution for charging invoices. The main goal is to automate the entire invoice-to-cash process and offer flexible financing solutions for small and medium-sized businesses so that they can focus on their development process and grow faster.

  • Development

    Our team was involved in the "Campaign builder" and "Client To do" developing process. The first feature aims to improve payment process control via scheduled reminders about payment dates and penalties that will be acting in case you miss them. The second one is a tool for easier regulation communication between "system - user" and "user - user". In this feature, we implemented a lot of filters that were dynamically integrated with URL parameters for the fastest searching. Also, UI re-building was our responsibility. It should be more user-friendly and easily understandable for both financial specialists and regular users. Initially, the system was built on MVC Vue JS with JQuery but this approach did not allow the functionality expansion according to the owners’ ideas. So, we re-wrote it on Vue.js + API. Using this way we lost JQuery dependence and prepared the app for expansion.

  • Results

    Our work was aimed to improve the application as a whole, make it more convenient to use, add the necessary functionality and prepare the platform for future expansion. We coped with the tasks and at the same time, gained valuable experience in developing applications in the financial management field.

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  • Industry: FinTech
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