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This customer is a startup company in the FinTech industry. The solution we worked on automates the process of charging invoices and saves businesses considerable effort and time on financial management. This accounting platform aims to enable business growth by simplifying and speeding up time-consuming financial processes. The system carries out numerous tasks, such as:

  • payment auto-reconciliation
  • automated personalized payment reminders
  • integrated payments
  • receivables analysis

This system can be integrated with accounting software and bank accounts to carry out scheduled payments. Small and mid-size businesses are the main users of this product. The customer asked us to make considerable improvements on the front-end side of this solution and implement new features.


The system needed to be both convenient for users and feature-rich. For developing such a complex solution, we singled out the following tasks for our team members.

  • prepare the platform for further expansion
  • implement new features
  • rebuild the user interface

IT Hoot team took part in creating two important features:

  • Campaign builder
  • Client to do


Migration from JQuery to Vue.js

At first, the system was using the JQuery library. However, it was not an optimal choice that didn’t meet the new product requirements. The client needed a more scalable and expandable solution with simplified maintenance. Our team suggested migrating the system to Vue.js. This was a more beneficial technology for this project because:

  • many customization opportunities and ready-made features
  • dynamic connections between the models due to MVVM architecture
  • greater integrability with other components

Implementing new design

Apart from creating new features and improving the scalability, our team was also in charge of implementing a new User Interface. Our HTML web developer integrated a new design we were provided. Our goal is to create a logical interface that encompasses all the necessary elements. It had to be intuitive and user-friendly both for financial exerts and not finance-savvy people.

When it comes to functionality, there were two significant tasks for our development team.

Campaign builder

This feature helps the users create campaigns to send invoices and/or notify customers about the payments. The process of interaction between the system and users had to be fast and intuitive. The functionality enables automatic email generation and sending SMS to inform customers about the invoices or payments to be made. Scheduling reminders about payment dates and penalties had to be fully customizable for every campaign.

Client to do

This feature aims to regulate the interactions between the system. With so many filters implemented in the platform, we needed to enhance the user experience. For this, we integrated the feature which generates the page URL automatically according to the filters applied by the user.

Technologies We Used

Handling numerous complex processes and generating automated results is the main task for the platform. That’s why hosting the project on Azure was a good choice.

Vue.js is a framework that allows greater flexibility and prepared the system for further improvements. It made the platform more customizable and allowed more dynamic interactions.

The project used the DevOps approach that enabled fast feature delivery and an agile development process.


The development took nearly half a year. As a result of development, our customer received an enhanced system with a more attractive UI and new features. Our developers helped to turn it into a future-proof and lightweight platform. It all resulted in an enhanced user experience and better platform performance. IT Hoot team members also gained rewarding experience in FinTech platform development.

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