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City Cruise is a website for booking tickets for pleasure boat tours. The company is located in London and offers a wide range of entertainment services for tourists, such as sightseeing, private tours, dining tours, attraction tours, speedboat tours, and special events. The customer needed a platform where the tourists can view all the necessary information about a tour and book it.


This website needed to be both informative and not overloaded with features. That’s why our team concentrated on the key functionality and paid attention to the main elements, which the client was going to interact with the most often.

  • Implementing a custom CRM system
  • Create a solution for importing information
  • Develop a user-friendly booking form
  • Add a payment opportunity
  • Enable automatic price calculation


Developing this website from scratch took nearly 6 months. The customer gave us a ready design and we started creating the architecture.

The website pages are divided into different categories according to the services the company provides. Our goal was to make every page informative and functional so that the user could make all the steps for booking tickets conveniently in one place.

Booking form

Right after the customer enters the website, they see a form for booking tour tickets. It includes the departing and arriving piers, the ability to choose the places and check the availability, and selecting the tour date and time. This form was built for three ticket types: single, return, and river pass. With this form, we enabled a fast and convenient booking process because the user enters only essential information. We also integrated an opportunity to pay for an order via a credit card.

Admin Panel

For an Admin part, we created a custom CMS system that is very similar to WordPress. It allowed our client to add all the necessary information about a certain tour easily. We integrated importing Excel data so that the admin could easily manage the website and update the tour details. 

Tour page

The tour pages we created needed to contain all the necessary tour information. At the same time, the customer didn’t want to overload the page and distract from booking the boat tour. it included photos of the tour, all the details from route and schedule to the dress code and courses from a menu for dining cruises. The users can search the events based on the city, route, and time. This allowed customers to find the tours easily and book them right away.

Technologies We Used

We built this website on ASP.NET so that in the future it could be easily scalable and customizable. We also opted for the JQuery library to simplify the code and eliminate possible issues in website performance. Employing an MS SQL server helped this website handle numerous processes and simplified its operation.

Integrating a custom CMS system helped our client to make the tour updates easily.


As a result of our development, we received an advertising website. The tourists could easily view all the details about the tour and book it within a few steps. Payment integration and automatic price calculation improved the For Admin Panel, a custom CMS system, and importing information from Excel allowed our client to add new tours conveniently.

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