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Web app development

Mobile web apps create a connection between you and your customers. Web app development helps your company present information about your products and services, contacts, catalogs, etc. If you need a new solution or want to upgrade the existing one, the IT Hoot team is ready to help with all these services.

We provide custom web application development, design, system modernization, system migration to a new platform, and maintenance. We can quickly present the solution you require from the basic one to a dynamic web application with custom-made server-side modules. If you have any ideas or questions, feel free to discuss them with us.

Web application development process

1. Defining the requirements

To develop the top-notch solution, we take into account your views on the final product.

We estimate the product and decide on the most suitable tech specification.

2. Basic UI/UX design and creative wireframe

No matter how complex your solution is, it will have intuitive and fast interaction.

We work on creating a unique and responsive design.

To present a vision of a final product, we create prototypes.

We also work on blueprints of your future app.

3. Development

After you approve of all the design and wireframe components, our developers start tailoring the back- and front-end side parts of your future app.

You can monitor the progress of your project and discuss your suggestions with our team.

To present the best result, we work with Agile, Waterfall, and Kanban methodologies ensuring an effective development process.

4. QA and testing

To make sure the developed product has reliable functionality, we test it exhaustively throughout all the development stages.

Our team provides the whole spectrum of testing services.

5. Post-launch maintenance

When the product is designed, created, and tested, we are ready to launch it with all the relevant components like code, UI/UX, etc.

Our team provides complete technical support and maintenance.

We are always ready to make changes such as migrate data, optimize modules, upgrade the design, etc.

Order software development

Web App Development with IT Hoot Team

Customers are our key value and we always customize our software to your requirements. We value your time and money, and this is what you receive if you choose to cooperate with our development team.

Attention to your requirements

Speedy and functional software

Development costs reduction

Advanced security

Mobile-friendly software

Why you should choose IT Hoot for Web App Development

Full-scope development

We handle all the stages from gathering requirements, writing the code to QA, and post-launch maintenance.

You receive a high-quality, scalable, and highly predictable software.

With a 12-year background, our team has developed a firm processes structure that ensures continuous delivery and product flexibility.

Adaptable cooperation models

We adjust the cooperation to your unique requirements.

IT Hoot team is ready to cooperate according to the different models.

Our flexible engagement depends on project management, product ownership, product scalability, and other unique needs.

Customer-oriented approach

Your needs are our priority.

We guarantee to turn any idea into reality exactly as you imagined it.

Customizing our services according to your goals and business requirements is our goal.

Cutting-edge solutions

In-depth competencies in innovative technologies and processes are the goal of our software engineer team.

We encourage our team members to develop their practical skills and deepen their knowledge.

IT Hoot opts for the latest technologies that integrate with the project perfectly.

Studying new technologies enables us to deliver products that both meet the customer needs and keep up with the latest market tendencies.

Web App Development FAQ

Software development FAQ

What is a web app?

A web application is an application program stored on a remote server and delivered via the Internet through a browser interface. They are not native to a certain system and the users don’t need to download or install them. Having a responsive nature, they look and function like mobile apps.

What are web app advantages?

Compared to native mobile apps, web applications have numerous advantages:

  • Flexible and fast access
  • Simple setup
  • Increased storage space
  • Easy to update

How do you build web apps?

The web app development process is quite complex. However, if you choose an experienced team of web app developers who have worked with each other for many years, it can considerably reduce headache for you. Here are the main phases of building a web app:

  • Requirement analysis
  • UI/UX design
  • Development
  • Testing and QA
  • Support and maintenance

How long does web app development take?

There is no fixed duration that can be assumed for a web app development project. It all depends on the type of app, complexity, set of features, and design. If you want to estimate an exact duration and timeline for your web app development project, you can get in touch with us.

How much does web app development cost?

The cost depends on the requirements and goals of our customers along with the solution's complexity. Our development team analyzes all the project details and then shares the quote according to the customer's wish list. We take into account such criteria as:

  • Design
  • Coding
  • Development
  • Testing
  • API Integration

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