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Software Re-Engineering and Migration

Maintaining software is always a challenge to keep up with the changing tendencies. Once you stop fighting this battle, you are left dusted by competitors. If you have reached the point when you need to move to newer software, we can help you with moving your program or data to a newer and better platform.

The software migration process is full of pitfalls you can avoid if you entrust it to IT Hoot team. We will find the most suitable and efficient method to migrate your software or data with saving time and expenses. We deal with both data and application migration. Data migration means transferring data between various computer systems. Application migration is transmitting software onto a new tech stack. The problems of outdated software are lack of documentation and decreased software competitiveness and attractiveness.

The process of software migration

1. Planning

Firstly, we develop a well-thought plan that involves the requirements towards the end software behavior and functionality.

Then, we define the features that need to be changed or removed. If the software lacks documentation, we create it.

2. Creating a new UI

We develop a new responsive and user-friendly interface that is supported by numerous devices.

3. Migration

To eliminate the risks, we automate this process so that the client could receive the ready software faster.

If necessary for a complex project, we can perform it manually.

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Software Re-Engineering With IT Hoot Team

Customers are our key value and we always customize our software to your requirements. We value your time and money, and this is what you receive if you choose to cooperate with our development team.

Post-migration maintenance

Optimized and updated product

Cost-effective software

Minimizing the business risks

Meeting the latest market requirements

Why You Should Choose IT Hoot for Software Re-Engineering

Full-scope software development

Our skilled team of software engineers is ready to handle all the development stages from requirement gathering and coding to testing, and post-launch support.

Our customers receive an excellent, flexible, and highly predictable product.

With years of teamwork, IT Hoot team has developed an approach that enables continuous delivery and product adaptability.

Flexible cooperation

IT Hoot team is ready to work on your project according to the different models relying on engagement level, project management, product ownership, scalability, etc.


Our team focuses on your needs.

We ensure to transform any product idea into reality just as you expected it.

IT Hoot aims at adapting our software development services depending on your unique aims and requirements.

Innovative software

We work on enhancing skills in advanced technologies and processes.

IT Hoot encourages our team members to develop their technical skills and deepen their expertise.

Our team employs the latest technologies that fit each project perfectly.

Wide expertise in new technologies lets us deliver software that both meets the customer requirements and keeps up with the actual market demands.

Software Re-engineering and Migration FAQ

Software development FAQ

What is software re-engineering?

Software re-engineering is the process of modernizing software, migrating software from outdated technologies to advanced ones, and eliminating performance errors.

What are the benefits of software re-engineering and migration?

The most significant software re-engineering benefits are:

  • more efficient and faster product performance
  • moving the product to more advanced technologies
  • reduced costs for software support and maintenance
  • opportunities to extend the functionality and scale the product

Why outsource software re-engineering?

Apart from relying on a development team with extensive experience in software re-engineering and migration, you receive optimized development costs. You can save your time and effort on this complex process. All you need to do is to define your needs and goals and consult your outsourcing team to choose the most beneficial tech stack. If you have never dealt with software re-engineering and migration, you can get valuable tips from experts in the industry.

What are the reasons for software migration?

Quite often the need for software migration occurs when the product lacked updates and upgrades for certain time periods. The signs to consider software migration are:

  • frequent performance errors due to the use of outdated technologies
  • product written in a programming language that is no longer supported
  • the emergence of more advanced technologies more suitable for your product
  • high product support and maintenance costs

How much does it cost to migrate software?

Software migration cost may differ according to the unique product requirements and aims. The speed and efficiency of the process also depend on the software migration company you choose. You can contact us to get a consultation from our experienced developers. Tell us in more detail about your project and we will estimate the price of software migration individually.

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