What we do?

In our work we use the following tools. We use the most advanced
technologies and constantly study new


Website Development

  • Landing page
  • A landing page is necessary for advertising goods or services. It allows you to quickly get the first customers
  • The business card site
  • The business card site is an optimal option for posting basic information about a company, person or organization. The information is presented in a concise and understandable form
  • Corporate site
  • Corporate site - a solution for companies that helps organize the work of employees, logistics of resources, and monitor the overall performance


  • Logo development
  • Logo development is the first thing you need to create a brand. The logo helps recognize the brand or company. Without a logo, your brand or company won’t have a unique image.
  • Corporate identity development
  • Corporate identity development means creating a corporate style when you already have a unique logo. In this style everything will be made out: a site, clothes of employees, working premises, business cards, etc.

Internet commerce

  • Online store
  • Online store - a trading platform for the sale of goods, services, content via the Internet in your region or all countries of the world.
  • Theme for the online store
  • Theme for the online store - various design options and online store design that will help highlight your store from many others and make it memorable.
  • Modules for the online store
  • Modules for the online store - additional modules that allow you to expand the possibilities of the online store.

Web API Development

  • Interaction between systems
  • Interaction between systems - provides data transporting between server and client using HTTP request


  • Web application
  • Web application - a site built on the principle of the application. In a nutshell, this is the application working in any modern browser.

Our technology

In our work we use the following tools. We use the most
advanced technologies and constantly study new


  • C#
  • Java
  • JavaScript
  • SQL


  • MS Sql Server
  • My Sql
  • Entity framework


  • Asp.net MVC
  • Asp.net Core
  • Laravel Framework
  • Angular, Knokout, jQuery
  • Bootstrap, Materialize
  • NopCommerce
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