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Custom Mobile App Development

The number of mobile device users is constantly increasing and it is crucial to keep up with the tendency.
Having a native mobile app will boost the online presence and enable reaching the maximum number of users.
IT Hoot team is ready to combine your ideas and our innovative technologies into a brilliant application.

We offer end-to-end software development embracing all the stages from analysis to maintenance.
If you want to get a brand-new original app or upgrade the existing one, we are ready to build it.
With us, you can receive custom native, hybrid, and cross-platform applications for iOS, Android.

Custom application development process

1. Analysis and idea validation

We begin working on a project with thorough requirement analysis.

We develop a roadmap of the future project that increases the success chances.

2. Design and Development

IT Hoot offers end-to-end software development that involves creating the architecture and the UI/UX, and building all the system components.

3. Testing

A complex testing process takes place at every development stage to detect and fix any potential software errors.

Our QA engineers fix all the bugs and errors before the software launch.

4. Deployment and further maintenance

After a custom application is launched, our team keeps on working on it.

If you want to change or upgrade your product, or even redesign it, our team will handle it.

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Custom App Development with IT Hoot Team

Customers are our key value and we always customize our software to your requirements. We value your time and money, and this is what you receive if you choose to cooperate with our development team.

Enhanced user engagement

Fully customized software to your needs

New channels for increasing profit

Advanced security and data privacy

Why you Should Choose IT Hoot for Custom App Development

End-to-end development

An experienced engineer team is ready to deal with all the development stages from requirement gathering and coding to QA, and post-launch maintenance.

You receive a high-quality, scalable, and highly predictable product.

Our expert team has developed a firm processes structure that enables continuous delivery and product adaptability.

Flexible cooperation

We work on your product according to the different models.

Our adaptable team depends on the engagement in the development process, project management, product ownership, product scalability, etc.

Customer-focused approach

Our team puts the biggest emphasis on your needs.

IT Hoot transforms any idea into reality exactly as you expected it.

We aim at adapting our services according to your aims and business requirements.

Innovative solutions

Our experienced engineers are always improving competencies in the latest technologies and processes.

Motivating our team members to develop their practical skills and deepen their expertise.

IT Hoot utilizes the latest technologies that fit the project perfectly.

Studying advanced technologies lets us deliver products that both meet the customer requirements and keep up with the actual market trends.

Custom Mobile App Development FAQ

Software development FAQ

What is a custom mobile app?

A custom mobile application is designed and built according to the individual requirements of a client. It can be developed for only one platform or for many platforms. Custom mobile apps aim to provide a highly customized user experience and offer unique features.

What do your custom mobile app development services include?

IT Hoot offers end-to-end mobile app development services. It means that our team is involved in all the phases of development:

  • Gathering and analyzing requirements
  • Creating a mobile app architecture
  • UI/UX design
  • Writing the code
  • Launch
  • Post-launch maintenance

How much time does mobile app development take?

Keep in mind that this is a complex process that consists of numerous phases. The app development time is directly dependent on the mobile app type. A basic custom app with limited features and requires less development time. On the other hand, the complex custom mobile app with multiple features, UX challenges, and advanced functionality requires considerably more development hours.

Which is better: native or cross-platform mobile app development?

The choice between native or cross-platform app development depends on your business needs, target audience, and budget. A native app is costly compared to its cross-platform alternative. If your business targets a certain group of audience (and most of them are either Android or iOS users), it’s necessary to go with the native app. Moreover, if your business eyes on a wide group of the target audience, cross-platform app development will be the smarter choice.

What is the cost to build a custom mobile app?

We estimate the development cost for every custom app individually. It relies on numerous factors and can be changed during the development process. Here are the points we consider:

  • engineer team size
  • time-to-market
  • app type
  • technology stack
  • feature set
  • design requirements

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