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API Development

APIs enable sharing data between various servers, databases, applications, etc on the same device. In a nutshell, it is a third-party integration in your software. API integration enables getting a top-notch and cost-effective backend solution with no compromises when it comes to quality. An API unites all the systems and processes into one customizable and scalable platform and opens innovative business models and strategies to your solution.

IT Hoot offers API development and API integration services that correspond to your individual needs. We don’t simply develop APIs, we help you analyze your needs and suggest the right API for you based on such criteria as security, code, etc. Our team creates an optimal strategy that will help you determine and eradicate all the possible issues.

Our API development services

Custom API development

We can help your software meet your unique business needs and build reliable relationships with customers.

We develop APIs, integrate them, provide exhaustive documentation, and maintain them after the launch.

We pay much attention to the robust architecture, advanced security, and your peculiar integration requirements.

Social media API integration

Integrating social media APIs enhances the value and efficiency of your software.

IT Hoot developers create API integrations with all the popular social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.

Cloud API integration

Integrating cloud APIs makes your software user-friendly and presents various opportunities for business development.

Our developers can create smooth connections between multiple clouds through REST and SOAP API integration.

It enables a customized user experience.

Google Maps and other Location API integration

IT Hoot team can help you implement location services like Google Maps Platform and others that meet your business requirements.

Payment gateway API integration

Our talented team has expertise in integrating easy-to-use APIs that enable smooth and secure online transactions for various industries.

Order software development

API Development With IT Hoot Team

Customers are our key value and we always customize our software to your requirements. We value your time and money, and this is what you receive if you choose to cooperate with our development team.

Enriched web and mobile functionality

Secure and easily maintainable APIs

Software expansion via numerous platforms

Enhanced business ROI

Meeting your business goals and requirements

Why you should choose IT Hoot for API development

End-to-end software development

Our experienced developer team is ready to manage all the development stages from requirement analysis and coding to testing, and support.

You receive an excellent, flexible, and highly predictable product.

Over the years of teamwork, IT Hoot team has developed an approach that enables continuous delivery and product adaptability.

Flexible cooperation

IT Hoot team is ready to work on your project according to the different models relying on engagement level, project management, product ownership, project size, scalability, etc.

We work on projects with different engagement level, project management, product ownership, size, scalability, etc.


Our team makes customer needs a priority.

We guarantee to turn any product concept into life just as you expected it.

IT Hoot aims to customize our software development services depending on the unique aims and requirements of each customer.

Cutting-edge software

IT Hoot team is always working on their skills in advanced technologies and processes.

We encourage our team members to develop their technical skills and deepen their areas of expertise.

We utilizes innovative technologies that perfectly match each project.

Expertise in the newest technologies lets us present software that both corresponds to the customer requirements and keeps up with the actual market trends.

API development FAQ

Software development FAQ

What is an API?

An API (Application Programming Interface) is a number of functions. It aims to allow applications to access information and interact with different external components, including:

  • operating systems
  • microservices
  • databases
  • and many others

What are the benefits of using APIs?

API development is extremely demanded because they simplify and speed up the development process of other systems and applications. For instance, while building your custom product you wish to integrate touch ID or transaction processing features, using an API is the optimal solution. This way, you simply connect your product to another one.

What are REST and SOAP APIs?

REST (Representational State Transfer) API is an architectural style describing a complete set of constraints to apply for Web services development. On the other hand, SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) is a much more complex protocol that adds more standards than REST, e.g. security.

How much do API development services cost?

API development cost is hard to foresee. Every project has unique requirements, goals, and circumstances the team needs to adjust to. For a relatively simple, yet secure and well-documented API, the price tag will start from $2,500.

Can you build and integrate custom APIs?

IT Hoot development team can develop and integrate any API type. To discuss your project in more detail, you can contact us. Our team of experienced developers is ready to develop APIs of any complexity.

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