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How to hire a dedicated development team in 2022?

How to hire a dedicated development team in 2022?


May 3 2022

After the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses have realized that having internal teams is not an optimal strategy to achieve their business goals. In-house teams have become less critical, so many companies have turned to outsourcing to survive this crisis. But how to engage third parties to cover your IT outsourcing needs? 


One of the common engagement models is a dedicated software development team. In this article, we are going to have a closer look at the process of hiring a dedicated team.


What is a dedicated development team?

A dedicated team model means bringing a cross-functional team to cover all the stages of your project. Apart from traditional project-based outsourcing, this model entails more involvement from the client. It is the client who controls the scope of work and the team composition. 

As a rule, dedicated teams work and are managed separately from internal software development teams. And the cooperation with this team lasts until the project ends. 


Reasons to hire a dedicated development team


Businesses of any size are looking for an opportunity to outsource their IT needs for multiple reasons:


Saving cost


While hiring a dedicated software development team, the first advantage you can feel is saving your budget. This happens because you have no overheads and software developer rates are lower. For instance, if you hire a web development team in Ukraine, their salaries will be three times lower than in the US. On top of that, you can scale your team up or down based on your current financial situation. 


Easy management


To control your external team, you can assign your own PM/CTO or work with the vendor’s PM. This IT outsourcing model offers different options for effective management while the client can focus on other business stuff. Since the team usually works on a separate project, they don’t need to be on the same page with your in-house development team and go at the same pace. You can track the progress with management tools such as Jira and Trello and organize regular meetings. 


Focus on your project


Whether you need to develop a new product from scratch or extend the functionality and your internal team can’t deal with it, a dedicated team is the best option. The key is that external developers are 100% dedicated to your product. They work on a full-time basis, which considerably speeds up your time to market. 




Whenever your plans or requirements change, dedicated software developers are extremely responsive to them. You change the team composition and involve new specialists based on your current project needs. Hiring a dedicated team is a great way to scale your business by attracting new specialists with the necessary tech and domain expertise. 


Main roles in a dedicated software developers team


The structure of your dedicated tech team is set based on your requirements, such as employee qualifications and the number of software engineers and other specialists. Here are the key positions in each dedicated team to cover the full development cycle:


Project Managers


This person is a bridge between you and your external software development team. The main task is to monitor the team’s progress and report regularly on the task completed. Such specialists also organize meetings with the clients and help assign different tasks and adjust the development to the current client’s needs. Project manager will be of great help if you lack tech expertise to handle project management yourself. 


Software Engineers


These specialists are the core of your dedicated team who deal with coding directly. There are three main types of engineers to build a software product.


  • Back-end developers create business logic and deal with the server-side, databases, and applications. 
  • Front-end developers deal with the client-side and all the visible parts of your products. They create the layout and optimize the performance. 
  • Mobile app developers. These developers have expertise in building apps for different OS such as Android and iOS. They specialize in certain programming languages to build mobile apps. 


UX/UI Designers


These specialists create the interface and solve potential user problems with UI/UX design. They deal with visual aspects and create user-centered interfaces and attractive styles for your web pages or mobile app screens. 


QA Engineers


These specialists deal with detecting errors and bugs at each stage of the software development lifecycle. They perform automated and manual tests and inform software developers about the issues detected.


Business Analysts


They research the client’s business to aligning software development to its needs. Business analysts define business problems and find solutions to fix them. Their aim is to make sure that software development meets business requirements.


Of course, this list is not exhaustive and you can add other specialists like DevOps engineers or Data scientists based on your project requirements. 


How to hire dedicated developers with IT Hoot


IT Hoot is a software development company that provides dedicated teams to build web and mobile applications on Microsoft tech stack. We offer senior-level software engineers with expertise in different industry verticals, including eCommerce, healthcare, education, and FinTech


Here are the reasons to build dedicated teams with IT Hoot:


  • Agile development with certified engineers
  • On-demand team scaling
  • Signing an NDA if requested
  • Flexible communication
  • Transparent management

To learn more about our projects, check out our case studies or get in touch with us to start building your product.

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