Benefits of using the .NET framework in web-development


.NET framework is a platform for development, including libraries, tools, and programming languages. A combination of this beneficial platform and skillful executors will help to create an extendable and scalable marketplace for the long run with the short term.

.NET framework epitomizes security, reliability, scalability, and compatibility. Using it in web development brings numerous advantages, especially for eCommerce.


The most significant thing worth keeping in mind is the capability of cross-platform development. This specific feature of the .NET framework decreases the amount of time and effort required for coding and testing because developers can be 100% sure that one solution is perfectly adjustable to any platform and operating system.


This feature of the .NET framework gives developers absolute freedom in all manipulations with code. Also, thanks to rich resources and libraries .NET framework grants access to an elaborate database of already fully-developed and tested solutions for particular purposes. In addition, the availability of the framework codes on GitHub makes development less time-consuming and more efficient because web-application shouldn’t be created from scratch. In this way, the .NET framework is an excellent choice for quick kick-off. Furthermore, a wide community of experienced developers will support the team in troubleshooting at all stages.

Security and reliability

  • .NET constantly monitors all the actions and safeguards personal data from stealing, forgery, phishing, and cyber attacks owing to multi-factor and external authentication.
  • Applying 128-bit encryption minimizes the risk of hacking and makes the system almost invulnerable.
  • The robust security algorithms profoundly validate and verify each application. Security guarantees will help win customer loyalty.

Keep your business online and updated.

.NET framework can help you to launch your online store with a unique and catchy concept that will attract new customers worldwide. It facilitates the growth of the business and eases its management and maintenance.

Enhanced user experience.

  • In order to provide an exceptional user experience high productivity is a must. With efficient memory consumption and data management, all idle resources are redirected to the necessary processes.
  • Considering temporary data, the .NET framework allows the creation of advanced and adjustable cashing systems that also help to increase performance and customize any cash implementations.
  • .NET framework uses the best-in-class approaches to build architecture for a unique and intuitive user interface.
  • All necessary functionality is in one place. Marketplaces created with the .NET framework include all key points of the customer journey: searching for the product, setting filters, reading descriptions, placing the order, and securing payment. The fast and convenient user experience is what modern clients are looking for.
  • Moreover, this approach helps the system bear an abnormal traffic flow and amount of requests.
  • Finally, due to the more profound use of resources further hosting, maintenance, and support of such web applications are much cheaper.


After considering all the benefits of using the .NET framework, the most prominent are exceptional user experience and high performance. Also, the most compatible features for every marketplace - secure paying, personal data, and fraud protection are provided with .NET security mechanisms. Eventually, all these will attract new customers from different regions and scale up the business globally. Using the .NET framework saves time, money, effort, and other resources, and at the same time brings exceptional outcomes.

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