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App in the field of education industry

  • Location: Israel
  • Industries: Education
  • Site: I-Valu8
Asp.net Core
Asp.net Core


I-Valu8 is an application targeted to Israeli teachers, which they use for creating unique characteristics about students. This is a rather routine and time-consuming work, and if you imagine that a teacher needs to do it every semester and for each student individually, you will get a big amount of work during the year. To simplify this process, the customer came up with an application that is a set of existing templates, characteristics that a teacher can use when writing reviews about a particular student.


The application was originally written in Angular. It was not feature-rich and needed improvements. For this, we used ASP .Net Core + Angular 8 with PrimeNG components. We also implemented a user registration system, the possibility to have forms saved in the database, decomposed into fields. The most important information was stored in JSON and our task was to transfer information from there to the database. For convenient payments, we integrated the ability to pay using PayPal.


This application solves a real problem teachers face every year. Instead of spending a lot of time writing reports manually, the customer offers a solution that allows you to automate and systematize this process. Thereby teachers get time and effort to spend on students and their development. Our team fully fulfilled all the customer's requirements, as a result, users received a high-quality product they already appreciated highly