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Medicine & Healthcare marketplace

  • Summary

    The customer is a German startup whose goal is to create a platform for online sales in the field of medicine and healthcare, aimed at regulating the relationship between the pharmacy and the buyer. Since pharmacies are not often independent participants in Internet trade, our task was to develop a convenient platform where the buyer and seller could exchange information and make a purchase/sale.

  • Development

    The basis for the development was .NET core 3.1. At the moment, it is one of the fastest-growing cross-platform technologies that allows the implementation of the most advanced features. A microservice architecture approach was used to encapsulate and scale the project in the future. Docker containers for development and deployment are the most modern and convenient way of interaction for microservice architecture. Since we have several microservices that have to effectively interact with each other, we chose RabbitMQ as a simple and cross-platform bridge for data exchange. Swagger helped us develop the Front End, as it allows us to see and control the requests coming to the Backend. Gateway was used to connect all microservices with the outside world. It was implemented using the Ocelot component as it is a proven and stable solution allowing customization if necessary. Asp.net MVC technology was chosen to implement the main page of the site. Although it is not the most advanced, but it is very SEO-friendly and easier to index, so the website will be higher in search engines and easier to find and promote. Admin part was built with Angular 8 that is a powerful framework allowing to build heavy Single Page Application with a lot of pages and forms that work extremely fast and stable. Also "material design" was used as a high-quality "style guide" for intuitive, simple, and modern interface. Mobile application was made on Xamarin. It's a technology of the .NET family that allows to make cross-platform mobile applications, supported by all modern mobile devices. This significantly speeds up the application development and simplifies its maintenance.

  • Results

    As a result, for a reasonable price, our platform takes responsibility to create a comfortable environment for cooperation between pharmacy and buyer. All pharmacies, even the smallest, become a full participant in on-line sales. With the possibility to enter under different roles for splitting responsibilities. Also was implemented such tools like statistics, mailing patterns, mail constructor, and more others. Buyers search for medicine, choose the nearest pharmacy, compare the prices and range effortlessly which saves money and time. Customers receive all needed services in one place.

  • Location: Germany
  • Industry: Medicine and Healthcare
Asp.net Core
Rabbit MQ