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City cruise

Pleasure boats tours on Thamse

  • Summary

    For a long time, London remains one of the top-5 most visited cities in the world. Every year, more than 19 million tourists visit the capital of Great Britain in search of new experiences and bright emotions. Pleasure boats business owner, signed us up for development to help the tourists and citizens spend a great time on the river Thames. It had to be the platform for online booking of pleasure boat tours on the Thames.

  • Development

    This website was built from scratch, the customer provided us only design, so the whole architecture and development process was on us. The platform was created using ASP.NET, an integrated import of Excel data(schedule, pricing, events), and small CMS since the admin required a convenient method of interaction with website content. Also, we developed a smart online booking system with the possibility of immediate payment for the chosen services and many other features.

  • Results

    City Cruise is a website that allows organizing an unforgettable trip across the Thames. 50 mins of pure adrenaline on high-speed boats or Jazz & champagne on comfortable pleasure liners, all this and many other tours you can easily book online due to our development.

  • Location: Great Britain
  • Industry: e-commerce
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